• Want To Become CyberSURE?

    In collaboration with CompassMSP and their expertise, we finally can get you visibility into your cyber security risks and provide a path to becoming cyber secure!

    Whether you are a small business owner or an executive of a regional company, CyberSURE is the solution you have been looking for to view your cyber exposure, become secure, prove you are safe to do business with, and actionable executive reporting designed for quick decision making and reducing risk.... all within your budget.

    You will be able to review your cyber risks, cyber score, phishing campaign results, recommendations, and action items just by walking through 5 easy steps.

    Check out our features

    What CyberSURE Does

    Assesses and provides real-time visibility into your cyber risks in a way you can understand.

    Actionable executive reporting, confident decision making.

    Verifies your IT provider is providing the security you are paying for or if they are not providing enough security.

    Get what you are paying for, verify what you are getting.

    Simulation tests of your employees' vulnerability to email attacks (phishing) so they can learn what not to click.

    Employees are your human firewall, keep your company safe.

    Provides tools, resources, and guidance to remove your cyber risks and become cyber secure.

    Recommendations to secure, guidance to get there.

    What You Get

    CyberSURE Score and trending available to help track your security improvements.

    Get your security baseline, improve on your timeline.

    Get your OnDefend Verified certificate to prove you are safe to do business with.

    Separate yourself from the pack, show off your security posture.

    Access to engage cyber advisors to assist you on your security journey.

    Security is a journey, not a destination, let us help you navigate it.

    Access to discounted cyber insurance policies that may lower your current insurance cost.

    Become CyberSURE, save money on your insurance.

    Some facts that you might not know

    Think your company is safe?

    • 91% of cyber-attacks target medium-sized businesses
    • 60% of medium/small business go out of business after a successful cyber attack

    Think again! Cyber criminals are now targeting smaller companies because they are easier targets.

    Think cyber security is just about IT?

    • 91% of cyber-attacks start with a phishing email attack
      - Dark Reading-
    • 97% of your employees may not be able to identify a phishing email
      -Small Business Trends-

    Think again! Most companies and their IT providers are not providing employee testing and awareness.

    Think your IT provider has you covered?

    • 2 of 3 IT service providers are not offering adequate cyber security support
      -Small Business Trends-
    • Many IT providers are looking for solutions like CyberSURE to help them guarantee their clients security

    Think again! It is extremely hard for your IT provider to keep up with all cyber-attack risks due to our constantly changing technology world.

    Your IT provider can leverage CyberSURE as a tool to secure your company and let them do what they do best….manage your IT.

    Think a cyber breach won’t set your company back?

    • IBM: The average total corporate cost of a data breach was $3.62 million in 2017
    • CNBC: The global cost of cybercrime has now reached as much as $600 billion

    Think your current insurance has you covered?

    • Current cyber insurance policies have many gaps and may not fully cover the following breach items:
      ๏ Data replacement
      ๏ Client legal notifications
      ๏ Client legal actions
      ๏  Business downtime/revenue loss
      ๏ Systems damage
      ๏ Federal and state penalties
      ๏ Brand damage

    Think again! Current cyber insurance policies have many “fine print” gaps that will leave you on the hook for the costs. Prevent the attack in the first place!

    Think a cyber breach may just cost you money?

    • One-third of consumers said they would stop dealing with a business following a cyber-security breach, even if they do not suffer a material loss.
    • Brand Reputation and Cyber Security Now Go Hand-in-Hand
      -Social Media Today-

    Think again! Once you lose your customers, vendors and strategic partners trust, it is often lost forever.

    What would a successful cyber-attack really cost you?

    Your brand? Your clients? Your Reputation? Your Job? Your business?

    Not ready to purchase? Let us walk you through our CyberSURE Assessment and show how it benefits you.

    Additional Services

    Cyber Security Testing Services

    ๏ Vulnerability Assessments (Flaws where attackers may breach)

    ๏ Network Penetration Testing (Live attack on your environment )

    ๏ Web/Mobile Application Testing (Code review and simulated attacks)

    ๏ Email Attack Simulation (Email phishing simulation)

    Cyber Security Advisory Services

    ๏ CyberSURE Assessments 

    ๏ Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) 

    ๏ Compliance Consulting (PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, Etc..)